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Date:2007-08-12 22:28
Subject:Joined Insane Journal
Mood: accomplished

Well... I've joined up with Insane Journal. I'm not sure that will be my permanant home, but I'll be damned if I'm going to stay here any longer than necessary. I'm probably going to have to set up a Greatest Journal account too. Blech. Stupid LJ, making me move like this.

For those wishing to join me there: Shadowstar's Journal

I've also created a Greatest Journal account: ShadowstarK's Journal Bloody annoying oooooold Shadowstar from somewhere... 2004 and hasn't updated? I thought GJ deleted people if they weren't active... oh well. GJ is dead, long live IJ.

If I move again, I'll probably change the information in this post.

I feel kind of sad to be leaving, but happy at the same time. Kind of like when I left Japan.

How long I've waited for an answer or a sign
Lonely and weary from
The troubled task of trying
To wave goodbye

Date:2007-08-08 15:33
Subject:Considering leaving LJ
Mood: contemplative

I've been here at LJ for a while, but I'm increasingly feeling like it's not a good place to be. Maybe it would be better to just host all my own content. The LJ administration lately seems to effectively say that I am supporting child abuse and pedophilia, and if they believe that asking for more transparency in the application of rules and a clarification of the TOS is really a support of child pornography... I'm just not sure why I'm here.

I dunno. Am I overreacting? Probably, but... LJ is kind of tired these days. Most people have MySpace and Facebook-- hell, someone I worked with who was way older than me invited me to Facebook the other day, never mind the other invites. No one invites people to LJ these days. It's almost embarrassing to only have this silly LJ. My dad has his own blog hosted on his own server, and I have been terribly neglectful of my own Blogger/Google blog, despite it actually looking better. I'm not sure Facebook is really my kind of community, but if I'm going to be spreading myself out like this anyways, should I really stay here to feel that the administration is talking about me being a criminal?

I wonder: am I here because I'm too lazy to leave?

I really just don't know. I've been here for three years. I'm usually at the tail end of these social network things. I was on the Majordomo/EGroups/Yahoo! Groups mailing lists until long after they had passed their prime, and I still belong to some of them, I still post to ff.net-- but none of them lumped me in with criminals, even when I disagreed with their policies.

Yes, as a friend said the other day-- the internet is just being stupid, and that's never going to change. And I know that's true. I like the people I've met here, I like the communities people have formed, I like having an easy way to see the people I know, but should I really stick around and support the stupid part of the internet?

ETA: Oh, and a PS to this, all my fanfiction is now friends locked to the communities it's posted in. Or at least, as much as I could track down... Some of my stuff is pretty long! If I leave, it will probably be turned into links to my own site.

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Date:2007-08-05 21:53
Subject:Evil_Cko, how could you!?
Mood: amused

How will you be suspended from LJ? by Anonymous LJ User
Years on LJ
Hours left until your suspension17
Your crimeAberforth/Frank the Goat fanart.
Who reported youevil_cko
Your fateBlogging simultaneously on Journalfen, GreatestJournal, and InsaneJournal gives you fatal RSIs.

(On second thought, Aberforth/Goat fanart? Ewww. Probably just as well.)

(And if I say Snape's hot, I get to buy an island! Dang! Where's my Wizard Island...?)

(And, one more edit: too much time spamming, not enough sleeping... makes me... dull. Actually, spamming in general will do that, even if one is spamming using Monty Python quotes.)

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Date:2007-08-03 21:13
Subject:Strikethrough, part 2
Mood: sad

I knew they didn't change.

Oh, but wait, they did-- it's STEALTH strikethrough this time. Watch out for bolded names in your friends lists, people. Bold is the new strikethrough.

Or not! They're removed from your friend lists, too! Wow, that's so sweet of you, LJ.

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Date:2007-07-26 23:32
Subject:What? Name change?
Mood:not amused

Hal Emerrich made the Octo-interface and MG Mark 2? Wasn't it Emmerich? Is this a stealth name change, or are we dealing with a Patriot plot to make us just think that we're going to play Snake and Otacon in MGS4?

Emerrich with one m and two rs barely shows up on Google as a name-- it's just got to be wrong. Yo, MGS people! What's up with that? Spelling in English is not that malleable! You can't just change spellings! Do I write Kojima as 小島 one day and 幸島 the next? No, I don't! (For those who don't read Japanese, or those who think I don't know what I just did, the second set of kanji there is Koujima, which isn't even the correct pronunciation. How would Emerrich be pronounced? Is it just me, or does it look like it's not the same as Emmerich...? I think I'd tend to place the emPHAsis on the wrong sylLAble, but maybe I'm just being a pain.)

Far Too Detail Oriented While Waiting For Heavenly Sword Demo To Download

(I should probably go to sleep now, huh.)

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Date:2007-07-24 12:19
Subject:Wah! Awesomer than the other awesomeness!

The real time gameplay of MGS4 is out! :D http://www.jeuxvideo.tv/metal-gear-solid-4-guns-of-the-patriots-video-40810.html

I guess the first person thing shouldn't be that bad, though, it doesn't look like I'll have my cinematic cameras. That kind of sucks. Might be hard to do here though, since there's a lot of destruction of environment going on...

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Date:2007-07-23 22:10
Mood: amused


That's awesomely awesome! I like the one with the shoppers, just so unexpected...

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Date:2007-07-22 12:03
Mood: blank

Oh, apparently my book is somewhere in the front office. I hate that sometimes I get things delivered to my door, while other times they go to the frikkin' front office. Pick one, people! I guess I shouldn't complain though, not like I didn't read the book.

DH spoiler cutCollapse )

And what was with that epilogue? It screams fanfic-- and not just any fanfic, oh no, it screams bad, Mary-Sue fanfic.

Oh yeah, and can anyone answer: 19 years after what? It can't be after the final battle. Is it 19 years after Harry Potter turned 11?

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Date:2007-07-21 23:17
Subject:Good thing the internet has everything

Do you know, I had to download Harry Potter on BitTorrent because my copy didn't get here today? (Doesn't even looked to have left the UPS office this morning. So much for guaranteed arrival from my pre-order.) How crappy! If only they sold books around here, I wouldn't have to go to Amazon to get them (seriously, the US is lacking in bookstores... or maybe it's just small towns? Whatever, in the suburbs of Toronto I'd have my pick of a few major chains quite close to home.)

Actually, the first chapter felt rather fanfic-cy to me, so I had to watch JKR reading it just to prove to myself that I hadn't downloaded someone's 638 page fanfic from the torrent...

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Date:2007-07-17 18:42
Subject:MGS is FPS?

Still has a normal view, but includes an FPS one. :( Not sure I like this development, even if it does have the normal view as default... I'm probably just worried about nothing... Mmmm, MGS gameplay... thanks Kojima!

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Date:2007-07-16 23:20
Subject:My words won't focus?
Mood: amused

Ever feel like you can't articulate your thoughts? Blaaaah. My brain is stalled, but still running at 100 mph. Possibly kmph, not sure, this is America after all. How the hell does that work? Can't punctuate. Can't spell. Typos = 1 per word. I think I will go to sleep now, before I make less sense.

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Date:2007-07-15 22:12
Subject:Rabid porcupine
Mood: amused

"Don't be a rabid porcupine." Haha. That's funny. It kind of sucks that I'm having to d/l television shows just to watch them though. Still. Woooooot!

I watched Harry Potter tonight. A fun experience-- I didn't notice (much) all the parts of the book which weren't there. Of course, that was after work. I should have a weekend next weekend though... I think... I hope...

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Date:2007-07-14 00:23
Subject:Lesson for the day...
Mood: amused

Shadowstar is a good engineer. Shadowstar should be more critical of others. This is what the bosses said! Well, they didn't use the name "Shadowstar," mind you, but the intention was there. (Actually, they said they "didn't want to see me go down the wrong path" in taking all coworkers advice equally.)

So! Shadowstar, take a deep and contemplative breath, think about what others are saying beyond theoretical dream-wishes, and... learn to rip on others, I guess. I mean, I have the frikkin' lowest bug count in the place. My system is rock solid, I find extra space on discs...

ETA: lol! They thought I was going to go take the harder solution. Look, the harder solution is what I think we want to go to in the future, but I don't think I expect to do it now!

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Date:2007-07-10 14:42
Subject:What a waste of time community
Mood: working

I recently joinedgirl_gamers, thinking that it might be an interesting place, but what a waste of time. It's the same annoying videos that get posted on all the forums everywhere (you know, like that annoying and boring "How to kill a brand" anti-PS3 one), news from three weeks ago, and a bunch of people asking how to beat DS games. Every now and then, there's a post about how ladies don't get treated well enough in Gamestop, either because they get too much attention or too little. Snore!

Is there a community of people who actually want to discuss games, instead of just... entertainment? It's kind of like wanting to discuss art movies with people who only watch popcorn flicks. I mean, don't get me wrong, popcorn is tasty, and there's nothing wrong watching movies that really are as superficial as they look, but I want to discuss something, not give tips on how to beat level 3, you know?

I mean, there are things to discuss. There are games out there that are quite artistic, or have enough plot that we can say something beyond "YAH FRAG HIM!" and I'm sure there's a community for each one of them... but, in this case, I'm just not looking for fandom. I want a place that will talk about the artistic merits of Katamari Damacy and Ico in the same breath as the Japanese mythology in Metal Gear and Okami, and how Resistance Fall of Man relates to alternate history science fiction novels, or whether or not games like Super Columbine RPG should be made available. (Heck, I'm sure there's stuff to say about Halo, too, but I don't know it.)

Anyone reading this: is there a comm like the one I'm looking for? Hell, even a forum or something that fits this description?  

Okay, /rant. Back to bug fixing.

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Date:2007-07-06 10:57
Subject:Um, wow...

I didn't realize that H1B visa applications were expensive. I've been approved though. PS, I'm not working this Saturday, parents, so I'll try to be online at some point to chat.

... or not. Looks like I will be at work tomorrow.

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Date:2007-06-27 22:10
Subject:Overboard much?
Mood: confused

Okay, England, this is getting stupid. You're banning an advert for a game rated 3+ because it shows cars colliding?

Pardon the pun, but... are you trying to drive the gaming industry out of your country entirely?

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Date:2007-06-22 09:49
Subject:Until someone loses an eye

Games, games, games. Games will no longer be allowed to push the envelope. We stand today at the point where games are to be censored. Horror is not an acceptable genre in games-- murder is a topic that should not be explored.

Sure, Hostel 2 is coming to a theatre near you, followed soon after by a DVD release, but Manhunt 2 cannot be afforded the same luxury. It is a game, and therefore will be played by children and degenerates who are using it to train themselves to be killers. You heard it here-- pressing the X button on his PSP may turn little Johnny into an unrepentant mass murderer who is... stalking others in the halls of an asylum, trying to escape from the other criminally insane inmates...? Pardon me, but why is little Johnny playing this game?

Some people in England may point to the original Manhunt as being implicated in a murder of some kid, but the problem is that it was the (underaged) victim who owned the game, not his killer. This chilling effect spreading from England to the rest of the world is frightening. Political and religious leaders there are trying to ban games not just for excessive bloodshed, but for daring to portray real world locations in alternate universe worlds.

With such things happening, how long before novels cannot use the Manchester Cathedral? The plot of Resistance: Fall of Man was cliche and just about stolen from alternate history science fiction novels, or perhaps even the old pulp science fiction books. As for Manhunt 2, when do we need to start burning the Stephen King novels? Surely those are just as grotesque, just as horrible, just as damaging to young minds should they read them. Am I the only one whose imagination is can generate more horrifying views than those images on a screen?

Should a young child play Manhunt 2, Resistance: Fall of Man, or various other adult content? Absolutely not.

Should responsible adults be unable to play the game because society is frightened of the content? No! Not unless we want to start burning books, movies, controversial art exhibits, and anything else that might make some people uncomfortable.

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Date:2007-06-11 14:07
Subject:Safe for now
Mood: busy

1. Restructuring sucks... but we're safe here, so all is good for me.

2. Watched Mr. Brooks, highly recommended for anyone who liked Fight Club. But those who hated Fight Club would not enjoy it so much, I think. It's about a psychopath with an imaginary best friend.

3. 360 sucks! Why isn't the debugger attaching? Grumble. Stupid Microsoft. I should work on the PS2 for a while... *sigh* ooooooold...

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Date:2007-06-06 20:24
Subject:Oh, cuteness
Mood: giddy

How could anyone not want one of these?

Ooh. I think I've finished off the last of my crazy bugs. I may have to ask if I can work a little less...

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Date:2007-06-03 17:24
Mood: sick

I have a headache. I hate that. Why don't I just take some Tylenol? Because I hate taking medications if I don't really, really need them... sigh.

This has been your moment of... erm... me... for the day.

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